wandering heaven

(traditional from nowhere)

 for alto voice, 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 celli



To be forgiveness

Want to be the eyes that see you as you are

beyond senses and time

that you are wandering heaven


No claims

no hidden demands will I meet you with

Only send you silent thanks in my soul

that you exist


If you were like a bird in a glimpse gone by

or were sitting quietly on my hand

If we were stuck for a while

or we gave each other freedom


then you were the one I needed

to help me mature

gradually wake up

be in spirit and light

gradually more whole

gradually become a human

and understand that what I see in you and all

is what I let come forth


So I see in you then

The Creator's face


Thus you become both the way, the truth and the life to me

What I see is only...

(Deep inside I know:

We are all)

...wandering heaven