are loved.html
you are loved


for soprano, choir (SSA), two horns and harp

with a Chinese traditional woven into it:

"Love Song Over The Meadow"





Solo: formed in Your longing

whispered in Your mouth

cherished and born

born and cherished


Choir: you are cherished


Solo: quiet

as an undiscovered lake

I await

Your spirit

the all-changing

teeming light


Choir: you are cherished


Solo: Jeshua

fill me

that I can be cleansed

cleans me

that I can be filled


Choir: you are encompassed and cherished


Solo: all these needles

paining my entire body

guilt I lay on others

splinters of glass and labels


my Lord

reveal to me Your hands


Choir: my child


Solo: teach me to give

like You

teach me to surrender

like You


like You


Choir: my child, take my substance


Solo: help me remember

the neverending


we came from

and live in

sent away

with key around our neck


my friend

my mirror

teach me to remember


Choir: see benevolence stream

over you like torrents of water

night and day


Solo: if You enter

my body

Your purity

flows through my veins

and fills every vacuum

with grit and light


grit and light


Choir: you are cherished

you are encompassed

you are cared for

everafter filled

for you are

in me, my child





(M.Åm, English consultant: Howard Medland)